Student's using arm tapping.

Embracing the Science of Reading: Making the Transition from the Three Cueing System

Everyone is buzzing about the Science of Reading, as the evidence to support effective reading instruction becomes widespread news and is no longer an area of debate.
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Learning Vocabulary

How to Improve Vocabulary: Strategies & Activities

Vocabulary is an essential component of comprehension and writing.
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Tips for Parents of Struggling Readers

As caregivers of young children, we use our imaginations to build forts from bed sheets and bring characters from picture and chapter books to life with our voices.
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The Power of Professional Development:  One School’s Experience

Science has shown that systematic, explicit phonics instruction is the necessary foundation for successful reading.
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Breaking Down IMSE’s Orton-Gillingham Method

Linguistic awareness promotes the acquisition of reading. It occurs when a person gains a deeper understanding of both spoken and written language.
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Literacy Program

Structured Literacy vs. Balanced Literacy: Where Orton-Gillingham Fits

In the 1980s and 1990s, there existed a debate revolving around the question: What is the best approach to teaching reading?
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