Learn How One Michigan Educator Is Making an Impact with MDE 35d Funding

Angela has been preaching to anyone who would listen that reading instruction needs to change.
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How Dyslexia Redefined the Way We Look at Literacy

Structured Literacy belongs in every K-3 classroom. Roughly 40% of students require direct, explicit instruction in phonics. All children must understand phonics to be able to excel in reading.
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What Is ESSER Funding, and How Can Your District Use It to Combat Learning Loss?

Districts still have time to secure and designate ESSER III funding to help combat learning loss among their students.
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Who Is Robin Zikmund, and How Has She Made an Impact on Literacy Legislation in Idaho?

Robin Zikmund is making an impact on dyslexia legislation in Idaho and is now pushing for IMSE to be recognized at the state level.
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Michigan Education Leaders: Learn More About How You Can Make an Impact with MDE 35d Funding

IMSE is here to support Michigan education leaders and educators in learning how to utilize state 35d funding best.
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Your Students’ Key to Success: Literacy

This International Literacy Day, we would like to highlight that literacy is the key to your students’ success and, ultimately, the success of all individuals.
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