Michigan Introduces New Dyslexia Legislation

After decades of low reading scores, some Michigan legislators are making a push for structured literacy and the science of reading.
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Teachers in a professional development program.

What to Look for in an Effective Professional Development Program

Teachers are life-long learners.
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What is the Science of Reading?

Our Commitment to Evidence-Based Reading Instruction: Aligning Instruction with the Science of Reading Using Structured Literacy
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It Was Time for a Change | New Website Announcement

We wanted a change. Our teachers and community deserved a change. 
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Student's using arm tapping.

Embracing the Science of Reading: Making the Transition from the Three Cueing System

Everyone is buzzing about the Science of Reading, as the evidence to support effective reading instruction becomes widespread news and is no longer an area of debate.
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Learning Vocabulary

How to Improve Vocabulary: Strategies & Activities

Vocabulary is an essential component of comprehension and writing.
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