#Family Literacy

A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Struggling Readers This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of warmth, family, and sharing stories. For parents of struggling readers, it can also present a unique opportunity to continue supporting their child’s reading gains from the previous semester.
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Incorporating Literacy into Summer Road Trips: Traveling and Learning Together

Incorporating literacy into summer road trips adds an extra layer of enjoyment and enrichment for your children.
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Empowering Parents: Introducing Our New Parent Resource Pages

By launching our parent resource pages, we aim to equip parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to become active partners in their child’s literacy journey.
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5 Ways Parents Can Best Support Teachers

5 Ways Parents Can Best Support Teachers This Year

When educators and parents effectively work together, there is an increase in student outcomes both at home and in the classroom.
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How Parents and Tutors Can Make an Impact at Home This Summer

One of the most important things for parents and tutors over the summer is understanding what they can do to intercept ‘Summer Slide’.
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Celebrating American Education Week

When family learning takes place, children showed a gain of 22.5% in reading scores at or above grade level. IMSE encourages literacy educators to reach out to their students’ parents and caregivers to inspire them to become more involved in…
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