Nurturing Minds.
Empowering Lives.
Celebrating Literacy Month.

September is a time to encourage our youngest learners to become confident readers.
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What Is Comprehension? Part 6 of The Essential Components of Literacy

Comprehension is the very impetus that compels us to read.
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Albuquerque’s Mountain Mahogany Community School Boosts Reading Proficiency Rates by 25% with IMSE

Learn how one school harnessed the power of IMSE and became a model public school in New Mexico for its efforts with the Science of Reading.
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IMSE Takes On The Big Sky Literacy Summit

The world of education is ever-evolving, with new ideas, strategies, and approaches continuously shaping the way we teach and learn.
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Jeanne’s Take: Moves District Administrators Can Make Now to Impact Reading Gains This Year

Jeanne Jeup, IMSE Co-Founder, CEO, and an expert in the field of education, shares her valuable insights and practical tips that can transform how educators approach reading instruction.
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What Is Vocabulary? Part 5 of The Essential Components of Literacy

Vocabulary is pivotal to reading success.
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