The 2021 school year continued to test the resilience of teachers, parents and students. As we continue to recover from interrupted instruction, we see an incredible opportunity to upgrade the way we deliver literacy instruction in 2022. This year, IMSE trained a record number of teachers and positively impacted a record number of students across the country with our approach to Structured Literacy. 

As you consider the year ahead and your goals for classroom instruction, we thought it would be helpful to draw your attention to our three most popular 2021 blog posts in case you missed them the first time.


Here they are:

How to Teach Red Words 

What are Red Words? They are often referred to by educators as “high-frequency” or “sight words” and do not follow a particular pattern making them “irregular” and challenging to learn and master. Red Words make up a large percentage of words that students encounter in their reading and writing, making it essential to include them in daily practice to enhance automatic word recall.    


Interrupted Instruction & LIteracy: How to Regain Lost Ground After COVID-19 

We know that literacy is essential for learning in all areas yet research shows lower achievement in reading overall this past year compared to a typical school year. So, in the aftermath of interrupted instruction and a continuing pandemic, what are schools doing to help teachers and students regain lost ground in literacy? 


IMSE Complements Other Literacy Programs 

Historically, many OG programs are explicitly designed for intervention application. One thing that makes IMSE’s OG unique is the practical application in all tier levels of instruction, including the general education classroom for all students. If districts use other OG programs, IMSE’s approach is very easy to adapt in order to complement existing instruction.


Happy reading and happy holidays from IMSE!


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