IMSE and Other Literacy Programs: Creating More Successful Readers

For some instructors who are unfamiliar with Structured Literacy, there is often the question as to whether the approach can build on previous literacy programming and Orton-Gillingham training.

Yes, it can. IMSE’s Structured Literacy training and programming is designed to be complementary to the knowledge and skills that instructors have learned in the past. While many Orton-Gillingham (OG) and literacy programs may explain how to teach reading or why OG is a preferred approach, IMSE goes a step further. 

Historically, many OG programs are explicitly designed for intervention application. One thing that makes IMSE’s OG unique is the practical application in all tier levels of instruction, including the general education classroom for all students. If districts use other OG programs, IMSE’s approach is very easy to adapt in order to complement existing instruction.  

IMSE’s approach is based on the Science of Reading and applies that research to the classroom using Orton-Gillingham and all five pillars of literacy. Our work with teachers is a peer-to-peer collaboration of knowledge exchange, made more impactful by its delivery from Masters-level instructors with years of classroom experience using the IMSE program. 

As a result, teachers learn how to teach literacy and how to apply their knowledge on day one in the classroom, enabling a seamless transition from learning to impactful application. IMSE goes above and beyond to give teachers and parents proven reading and writing strategies plus an actionable plan for supporting literacy across all varying student capabilities. 


Confident Teachers Create Confident Readers

For decades, IMSE has been inspiring confidence in teachers by aligning its Orton-Gillingham and Structured Literacy professional development and classroom programs in a way that promotes understanding and a strong foundation for success. As a complement to other programs, IMSE ensures teachers understand the what and why of Structured Literacy and have the knowledge to go beyond pure Orton-Gillingham approaches.

IMSE trainings provide teachers with an abundance of new learning and ideas to use, as well as resources to use in their classrooms. With IMSE professional development and programs, teachers are more confident in their ability to teach reading at all levels, and students become more confident readers.

For more information on our complimentary training programs, please download our new ebook Empowering Thousands of Teachers, Impacting Millions of Student Readers. 


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