IMSE is committed to providing parents with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to impact their child’s literacy journey. We strongly encourage parents to utilize some of the tailored strategies students learn in the classroom at home. Learn more about our parent-friendly resources and how you can bring IMSE OG home this holiday break.

Discover the Right Tools and Resources

The first step in any reading support journey is learning not just for the readers but for parents as well. IMSE offers many free resources, including instructional videos, printable games and activities, instructional blogs, and more. Additionally, IMSE provides a library of products such as books, workbooks, and multimodal tools to support readers of all levels. Consider incorporating these into your holiday reading routine.

Implement Multimodal Techniques

Be sure to utilize IMSE’s multimodal approach by engaging multiple senses during reading activities. Encourage tracing letters in sand or on textured surfaces, using magnetic letters, or incorporating movement into spelling and reading practice during your daily story time.

Incorporate the Five Pillars of Reading

Literacy at home can be as simple as incorporating activities that target each of the five pillars of reading:

IMSE’s Decodable Books and Word Cards

Explore IMSE’s collection of decodable books and word cards. Decodable books are designed to help struggling readers practice phonics skills in context, while word cards aid in reinforcing sight words and phonetic patterns.

Consistency Is Key 

Perhaps most obvious, and most importantly, set aside dedicated time each day for reading practice. Whether with family during the day or at night before bed, incorporate IMSE OG techniques and materials during your dedicated reading time. 

Celebrate Achievements and Progress

Learning to read is a huge feat! Acknowledge and celebrate every achievement, no matter how small. At IMSE, we encourage a positive and supportive environment to boost your child’s confidence and enthusiasm for reading.

Beyond the Holiday Season

It’s important for parents to keep the at-home momentum going, whether there’s snow on the ground or flowers in bloom. We offer some longer-term approaches to help parents stay involved in their child’s literacy success all year round:

Join the IMSE Community

Take advantage of IMSE’s online community. Our monthly newsletter, blog, Facebook, and Instagram provide insights into effective strategies that complement what’s being taught in the classroom. Joining the community allows you to connect with other parents and educators for valuable support and advice.

Remember, with patience, perseverance, and the right tools, your support can be the greatest gift for your child’s reading journey.

Happy reading and happy holidays, from IMSE!

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