For 25 years, IMSE has helped teachers deliver impact on day one

As a former first-grade teacher and mother and stepmother to five children, our co-founder Jeanne Jeup has been on a mission to improve literacy rates for the past 25 years. Jeanne started the Institute of Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE) to support literacy by empowering educators with the knowledge and tools proven to engage students at all reading levels and create confident readers.

Our core belief is that all children must have the ability to read to fully realize their potential.  In turn, IMSE’s actionable commitment is to serve all developing readers through our approach to Structured Literacy which is based on the Science of Reading and incorporates the best of Orton-Gillingham and all five pillars of literacy. While Orton-Gillingham has long been associated with dyslexia, it was IMSE that pioneered “Orton-Gillingham for everyone” by advancing proven reading strategies into general education. 

Our work is never at a standstill. We continually evolve our programming as new research and data become available so that we’re always on the cutting edge of delivering the best possible literacy instruction to enable millions of teachers, schools, and districts to confidently advance their literacy programs.

We do this through dynamic professional development delivered by Master-level instructors who have years of classroom experience using the IMSE program. Our hands-on training hinges on peer-to-peer collaboration and knowledge exchange. It includes practice, modeling, and real in-class lessons so that IMSE-trained teachers can have an immediate impact in driving measurable literacy improvements.

If teachers are equipped from day one to implement what they have learned, they can confidently teach students of all ages and reading levels, and most importantly, see near-immediate results in their classrooms. 

That is “Why IMSE.” 


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