Today, we announced the launch of IMSE Impact Structured Literacy Programs to enable educators to impact literacy on day one in the classroom. Based on the latest Science of Reading research, IMSE Impact Professional Development and Classroom Programs build upon IMSE’s 25+ year track record of success. With the new programs, schools and districts will benefit from greater student engagement and understanding, while promoting program fidelity across all key elements of Structured Literacy.


What is IMSE Impact?

Based on the latest research in the Science of Reading, IMSE Impact incorporates the Orton-Gillingham methodology and all five pillars of literacy – plus language comprehension, spelling, and writing – to drive measurable gains for all students.

IMSE Impact is comprised of evidence-based professional development and student materials and coursework that are uniquely combined and fully aligned. IMSE Impact programs include Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus for grades K-3, Morphology Plus for grades 3-5, and Phonological Awareness, which addresses the key elements of literacy instruction in the classroom, for all grades.

IMSE has incorporated an updated scope and sequence for its Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus program, introducing easier sounds first so that students can quickly gain confidence. The sequence is still organized so that after four weeks, students are able to start writing words, and after nine weeks, they are able to start writing sentences. According to Janice Kohler, IMSE’s Chief Academic Officer, this is important because, “research shows that when students achieve quick wins, they build confidence. By creating more age-appropriate instruction throughout the program and setting more realistic expectations for students, we are working to make learning to read an easier and more positive experience for students and teachers alike.”

Designed with Educators for Educators

IMSE engaged teachers and reading specialists in piloting the IMSE Impact programs and the feedback has been tremendous. As a result, IMSE Impact has been streamlined to make the transition from teacher training to literacy instruction even easier for teachers and more effective for students. 

Jeanne Jeup, IMSE Co-Founder, educator, mother and global literacy advocate, underscores the importance of customer feedback and incorporating teachers’ suggestions into curriculum development, “We know that educators have so much on their plates and need their professional development to be efficient and implementable from day one in the classroom. By providing more complete notes around each concept, the updated IMSE Impact programs are designed to simplify instruction for the individual teacher while helping ensure program fidelity across a school or district.”

For the full details of what is included in each IMSE Impact course, please visit the IMSE Training Descriptions page. 


When Do IMSE Impact Trainings Begin?

For those educators who wish to complete their Structured Literacy training before the launch of the newly-revised IMSE Impact Structured Literacy programs in June 2022, IMSE is offering a package of incentives, resources, and new content guides to ensure that every teacher trained before June 2022 is fully aligned on the latest Science of Reading research and classroom implementation. IMSE Impact trainings begin June 6th and you can register on the Training Schedule page. If you would like to schedule an IMSE Impact district training, please reach out to our sales team via phone (800) 646-9788 or email


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