Empowering Thousands of Teachers, Impacting Millions of Student Readers

For the past 25 years, the Institute for Multisensory Education, or IMSE, has been at the forefront of literacy education for both teachers and students. The ‘special sauce’ that is IMSE’s professional development and classroom programming was created using a best of approach that includes Orton-Gillingham coupled with Structured Literacy to impact literacy on Day 1 of classroom instruction in both general and special education. 

We believe that all students can read. As is evident by the heroic work of nearly 200,000 IMSE-trained teachers that have positively impacted the lives of millions of student readers across the country, IMSE proudly stands apart from other literacy programs that simply train teachers how to utilize their specific teaching materials or that provide theory but no practical application in the classroom. 

Uniquely, IMSE empowers all educators with both the “how” and the “why” for teaching literacy. By making literacy education about imparting knowledge, not just teaching content, our impact is felt far beyond the classroom, inspiring a school-wide culture of literacy that is truly transformational. 

Year after year, feedback from our district and school clients is the same: IMSE’s complementary research-based reading programs and teacher development are an immediate game-changer in the classroom and life-changing for students. For example, at Fountain Fort Carson school district in Colorado, after just one week of training, there was a dramatic difference in the district’s ability to teach reading more effectively, immediately upon returning to the classroom. 

As one administrator said, “IMSE removes the ‘Where do I start’ chasm that can exist with other intervention approaches; IMSE’s process accounts for starting where each student is in their journey.” Learn how your district or school can make a Day 1 impact on student literacy and download Empowering Thousands of Teachers, Impacting Millions of Student Readers.


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