2022 Education Predictions from IMSE’s Chief Academic Officer Janice Kohler-Curtis

As we kick off the new year, the consequences of pandemic-caused disrupted learning on literacy have exacerbated the widespread urgency to help educators become more aware of the Science of Reading and how to use it in the classroom to cultivate strong readers. 

Recently, at The Reading League Conference, Kareem Weaver, an award-winning teacher, administrator, and senior fellow at the National Council on Teacher Quality put it this way:

“The Science of Reading must not be considered an ideological preference, pedagogical inclination, or inevitable swing of an instructional pendulum. Rather, the research consensus and supporting science must be applied as a matter of equity and civil rights.” 


IMSE’s Janice Kohler agrees:

“The Science of Reading is not a fad – it is a body of research that guides instruction in the classroom in order to give every student the best possible chance in life, which includes knowing how to read.”

With this increasing awareness and acceptance, Janice shares her predictions for what we can expect to see this year to help mitigate literacy losses:


More legislation about how teachers teach students how to read.


More investment in teacher training and certification.


Increased support to prevent teacher shortage.


Before joining IMSE, Ms. Kohler was an intervention specialist for K-12 schools for nearly 20 years.



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