We invite you to read what some of our partners have to say about IMSE

We are very excited to host our second annual Virtual Literacy Summit next Wednesday, March 23! The theme of this year’s IMSE Literacy Summit is “Making an Impact” and the day will feature powerful, research-based teaching practices and expert insight from literacy experts plus interactive learning centered around the Science of Reading.

This year’s Literacy Summit is ideal for classroom teachers, literacy coaches and specialists, district administrators, interventionists, ELL teachers, and parents looking for a deeper understanding of how individual students can best be taught how to read. 

Since our founding, IMSE has been dedicated to presenting information in an easily accessible manner so that teachers can gain the understanding and foundation they need to transform student literacy in the classroom. This practical approach to Structured Literacy is empowering the next generation of literacy leaders and bringing a new teaching mindset to districts and schools. By making literacy education about imparting knowledge, not just teaching content, IMSE’s impact goes beyond reading growth to create a culture of literacy.


The feedback from district and school leaders across the country has been gratifying:

“Our teachers have commented that training and coaching in both the in-person and virtual settings has been highly beneficial to their growth in teaching phonemic concepts. More importantly, our students are growing! Even though our two years of collaboration with IMSE have been somewhat altered due to COVID-19, through the use of both local and OG specific assessments, we have been able to observe consistent phonemic progress from our students that was previously lacking.”

Eric Paterson
Supervisor of Literacy
Interboro School District
Prospect Park, PA


“Numerous stakeholders in Stafford County Public Schools (SCPS), including the dyslexia advisor, instructional support teachers, reading specialists, and special education teachers attended IMSE training. The feedback from this staff on the training was phenomenal, which led to additional staff being sent on behalf of SCPS where the feedback continued to be positive. In an effort to train more staff, SCPS decided to partner with IMSE to have a district trainer.”

Dr. George Hummer
Executive Director
Stafford County Public Schools Department of Student Services and Special Education
Stafford, VA


“We receive positive feedback from our educators each time we do training, many of whom comment on the knowledge of IMSE trainers, the great amount of skills and knowledge they get out of the training and can implement immediately in their schools and classrooms, and the overall quality of the professional development experience.

Due to the amazing experience we’ve had with IMSE, our district leadership has decided to not only continue, but to increase our investment in training in the 2021-22 school year. We look forward to our continued partnership and the impact it will have on educator knowledge and, as a result, student learning throughout the district.”

Kristin Hahn Kehoe
Director, Academics – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Charlotte, NC


The feedback from IMSE-trained teachers is equally as enthusiastic:

“I absolutely loved the training. It was the best that I have ever attended in my 18 years of teaching. I was actually able to implement it in my classroom right away. My students and my own children are learning so much, especially reading and spelling red words.”


“It was a transformational experience. I have been a reading specialist for over 20 years and have had a lot of training… a Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy, Reading Recovery training, and countless workshops, conferences, and professional development experiences. My Orton-Gillingham training through ISME has changed the way I work with struggling readers. The structure of the lesson, the clear scope and sequence of skills and the multi-sensory components of each lesson are simply phenomenal. I honestly don’t think there is a child in the world that I can’t teach to read. AMAZING!”


“IMSE’s O-G training was truly life changing. For the first time in my 14 year career, I felt confident with my literacy instruction. The information presented was vastly different from what I had received in my credential program and was truly a gift. The immediate application aspect of the training is what made it so impactful. So many presentations/presenters present information on the Science of Reading yet rarely is it immediately transferrable.”


“Completing the IMSE training was impactful to my learning and teaching of phonics. There are so many spelling patterns and rules that I was never taught in school. I can now make sure my students and teachers I work with move from “you have to memorize it” to truly understanding how language works.” 


“The training was phenomenal! I have been a classroom teacher for 20 years and a private tutor for 6 years. Not only did IMSE get me excited about teaching “red (sight) words” but also broke down the why about how to teach. My students loved the engagement from the activities I learned. Their favorite part was when I told them I didn’t know how to spell ‘Fahrenheit’ but I learned how by tapping it on my arm. Parents are beyond grateful. IMSE is really a best practices method that can benefit every teacher. You can learn something if you’re a new teacher or a seasoned teacher.”

Our team is vested in the success of our education partners, as we look forward to fulfilling our mission of ensuring all children have the ability to read to fully realize their potential. 

We look forward to seeing you next week!