Only 62% of teachers teach longer than five years, creating a constant need for new teachers and increasing the need for effective retention strategies. So, it only makes sense to provide teachers will all the tools and techniques they need to succeed – now and in the long term. 

For general education teachers and literacy specialists, the return on investment (ROI) of the right literacy professional development for teachers can show results for decades. When we talk about ROI, we aren’t necessarily talking about financial gains but rather how effective professional development can help districts and schools achieve their goals for teaching and learning. These goals can be achieved effectively by allocating the time, money, and resources needed to provide top-tier literacy professional development.

Maximizing the impact of literacy professional development can increase teacher retention, increase literacy rates across your district, and eliminate the need for costly intervention later on down the road. Here’s how:


Teachers Who Feel Supported Stay Longer

It is no secret that the more supported teachers feel, the more likely they are to stay within the district that provides them with the resources they need to excel in the classroom. By providing K-3 and other reading teachers with effective literacy professional development from the start, district and school leaders are supporting their efforts to make sure each student has the tools and knowledge they need to excel in reading and writing year after year.

Teachers are dedicated to ensuring their students have the instructional support they need to succeed. In the same way, districts and schools should provide the same dedication to making sure their educators feel supported, especially with their professional development choices. Unfortunately, many professional development companies do not provide the full support educators need after they complete their training.

At IMSE, we are dedicated to providing all educators with the support they need to implement IMSE’s Structured Literacy strategies in the classroom on day one. IMSE supports educators through:

IMSE ensures that teachers have the tools to make an impact in the classroom immediately after training. Teachers trained by IMSE, can take that knowledge into the classroom without any extra purchases of classroom curriculums. IMSE teaches the strategies behind Structured Literacy, and these strategies can be implemented within any curriculum.


Increased Literacy Rates Throughout the Entire District

Investing in effective literacy professional development affects not only teachers but also students. By providing educators with effective literacy professional development, administrators will see literacy rates rise consistently across their district. 

When teachers are confident they have the right tools and techniques to teach reading, their students show gains. Effective professional development should provide educators with the tools needed to teach students at varying levels of reading competency and be supported with classroom programs they can implement on day one. 


No Need for Intervention Further Down the Road

The right literacy professional development should deliver prescriptive instruction that enables school districts to ensure they are improving literacy levels across the board. Educators should understand the why behind literacy lessons and be provided with day-to-day guidance that drives higher levels of fidelity for greater consistency. 

This improves overall reading levels and helps eliminate the need for more costly intervention and tutoring down the road. By addressing underlying issues early, districts are preparing themselves to properly allocate resources to struggling readers who need them the most. 


Maximize Your Literacy Professional Development

Improving teacher effectiveness through professional development has lasting benefits that prove to be effective in the classroom for many years to come. After one 30-hour IMSE training program, district and school leadership can be confident that their teachers have everything they need to bring effective literacy instruction to their classroom on day one.

IMSE also offers a Train the Trainer program where districts can have an IMSE Orton-Gillingham Master Instructor on staff. While thinking about the ROI of literacy professional development, there are also many academic and financial benefits for a school district to have a qualified IMSE OG Trainer on staff, including:

So, what are you waiting for? Take the next step towards better literacy instruction today and be sure you are maximizing the ROI of your literacy professional development. Learn more about IMSE’s training offerings or contact us for a consultation today.

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