With two-thirds of U.S. students unable to read at grade level, Structured Literacy based on the science of reading is rapidly spreading through school districts as state legislatures mandate evidence-based alternatives to ineffective literacy approaches. Rather than requiring students to assume the meaning and pronunciation of unfamiliar words from context, Structured Literacy provides step-by-step phonetic training to decode those words, as well as training in essential literacy skills like comprehension. Through repeated decoding and meaning-making in Structured Literacy, students absorb linguistic patterns, move toward general automaticity and fluency, and achieve better reading outcomes across the board. 

For years, thousands of teachers around the country have helped students make giant strides toward literacy using IMSE Decodable Readers — a series of book collections written by our literacy experts to be decodable and containing only phonics patterns and irregular words that have been explicitly taught based on IMSE’s proprietary phonics sequence and red-word sequence. Decodable Readers teach students one concept, or sound, at a time, so that they deeply master a particular foundational skill before moving on to the next. This helps students make sense of what they’re learning, retain lessons from week to week, and gain confidence and proficiency quickly.

Building on the success of past editions, we’re thrilled to announce a new breakthrough for school districts ready to follow the science of reading: the 2024 edition of our Decodable Readers. This three-volume collection will equip teachers (who we know are always eager for more reliable literacy content) with IMSE’s unique Structured Literacy approach that locks in literacy skills for all students. Between the three-set bundle collection, there are a total of 228 books covering grades K-2, with nonfiction and fiction volumes full of engaging stories to capture students’ interest. 

Volume 1 Non-Fiction and Volume 2 Fiction are completely new, while Volume 1 Fiction has been updated with beautiful new illustrations. The new volumes feature a comprehensive set of supplementary resources great for teachers and readers alike: 

In addition, the fiction and non-fiction stories in this collection are often connected by a theme that students will find interesting and relevant. For example, as they read about Michael Jordan’s success as an athlete after multiple letdowns and years of hard work, students may see the parallels in their own reading journey. For easy implementation that teachers will love, all new volumes also feature a “Get Ready to Read” section before each story that details important words and phrases. This feature, along with the teacher read-aloud section, ensures that students further develop language comprehension skills.

We’re very proud of the new collection and excited to see district leaders put it into action. To learn more about Decodable Readers, watch the video here. You can also shop IMSE Decodable Readers for your district by going here or by calling (844) 325-3149.

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