Let’s Discuss Teacher Burnout

A 2021 EdWeek study found that 33% of teachers are very likely to give up their teaching career in the next two years as compared to 13% had they been asked prior to the pandemic. However, while more teachers say they would be likely to leave within the next two years, that is not necessarily the case. 

As schools transition back into in-person learning, there has been a lot of discussion around the teacher burnout that many are facing due to:

Districts are already beginning to tackle some of these challenges teachers are facing in order to avoid this great teacher resignation. By continuing to drive these significant changes, districts can also ensure they are helping students recover from periods of interrupted learning.


How District Leaders Can Further Support Their Educators

In 2020, panelists during a webinar on teacher retention stated that programs such as mentoring, professional development, and leadership opportunities could increase teacher retention. It is no surprise that the more supported teachers feel, the more likely they are to continue their careers until retirement.

By providing teachers with the tools they need, district leaders can ensure they support their educators in the long run. When districts provide their educators with the tools and time they need to expand their knowledge on the subjects they teach through professional development, they tend to see consistency and fidelity across their schools and higher teacher retention.

Equity in high-quality professional development is a huge topic of discussion across many states. With the federal, Every Student Succeeds Act, many districts are faced with making sure the professional development they provide their teachers is evidence-based. Districts are shifting their focus on ensuring their educators are provided with the support and professional development needed to help their students succeed. 

Professional development should alleviate some of the pressures teachers face and help them focus more on their students. That is exactly what IMSE is here to do!


IMSE Is Here to Support District Leaders and Educators All the Way

As educators, the IMSE team understands the needs of teachers, schools, and districts. When it comes to delivering a practical approach to teaching reading, IMSE helps districts and schools become literacy leaders through proven Structured Literacy Professional Development and Programs

IMSE Impact Structured Literacy Professional Development provides districts with the ability to invest in their teachers’ knowledge base, not just workbooks and props. Providing a roadmap for daily instruction along with the only integrated online lesson planning tool removes the burden of developing reading programs. The lesson plans are prescriptive and practical while also allowing for flexibility and autonomy – so teachers always know what to do and why they are doing it. 

IMSE also provides both physical and digital materials to ensure teachers are equipped to succeed. These tools are further supported by weekly creative tips and purchasable classroom materials that bring literacy to life. With ongoing support from their trainer, their cohort, and the entire IMSE community, IMSE teachers are prepared to succeed. 


Investing in Teachers is the Right Investment

Many teachers choose to end their careers early because they are not compensated for the great efforts they take to keep up with the ever-changing reality of the educational system. The thought of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on professional development for themselves can turn off the motivational switch that keeps teachers invested in their craft. 

A 2019 study provides evidence to demonstrate that when beginning teachers receive structured support and professional development during the first five years of teaching, there is a greater tendency to remain in the profession. Providing professional development proves to be beneficial for the teacher and their students and districts in making sure they understand the “why” and the “how” behind literacy instruction. IMSE is here to help drive higher levels of fidelity for greater consistency across entire school districts’ classrooms.


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