As the new school year approaches, IMSE wants you to know that we are here to support you throughout the entirety of the year, not just while school is in session and not just during your IMSE Impact training. That is why we have prepared a list of tips and tools for you to put in your back pocket as you step into the new school year!


Prepare Early

Take some time this summer to get organized and prepare your lessons so that you can spend the last week (or few) of vacation focusing on yourself. Be sure to download materials and read through new textbooks that will help guide your lesson planning this school year.

IMSE offers a variety of free tools for educators under the Digital Resources page on the site. Here you can find free printable activities, access to OG+ and Mophology+ support sites (depending on training), premade Google Slides lessons, and more! So be sure to check it out when scheduling your daily lesson plans. 


Consider Professional Development

Professional development is one way for you to stay up to date on the latest literacy tools and tactics to bring to your classroom to ensure your students are reaching their literacy goals!

IMSE Impact Structured Literacy Programs are IDA accredited and delivered by instructors who bring unmatched knowledge and understanding of literacy instruction to each training session.

IMSE Impact provides a detailed and complete roadmap for daily instruction along with online interactive planners and physical and digital teaching materials so that you are well-positioned for success and students of all levels are able to improve their reading.

For educators who have previously participated in IMSE professional development training, consider one of our shorter asynchronous options to continue your literacy journey.


10 Student Classroom Kit 

IMSE’s new 10-student classroom kits contain key items to help teachers begin multi-sensory instruction in their classrooms on day one! Kits include:

Utilize the Sensational Sand and tray to have students draw letters or spell out words with their fingers. The Desk Alphabet Strip fits perfectly on any table or desk for an easy reference of ABC order, picture cues, and proper letter formation. It also has right and left finger tapping hands to help with word and sentence dictation.


New and Improved IMSE Impact Digital Bundles

These engaging and animated, pre-made Orton-Gillingham lessons are aligned with IMSE Impact courses and can be used for general education, intervention, tutoring, or home-school. The bright, large illustrations included throughout each digital slide bundle are perfect for helping to support EL students. The OG+ Customizable Slide Bundle and OG+ Drag & Drop Dictation Slide Bundle align with IMSE’s K-2 scope and sequence.



Student Workbooks

IMSE offers a variety of workbooks that span across three levels and include both spelling and reading. These workbooks are meant to be used in conjunction with the IMSE Orton-Gillingham Plus Teacher Guides. Some of the workbooks include:

OG+ Student Reading Book A

Once students know the first four letters in the sequence( m-a-l-o), the student practice book can be used for fluency practice. This workbook focuses on:

OG+ Student Reading Book B

This student practice book can be used for fluency practice. This workbook focuses on:

OG+ Student Spelling Book B

The Student Spelling Book B has dictation practice for content across five days of instruction. This workbook has visual cues aligned with the words and sentences in the Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide.


Interactive OG 2.0

Interactive OG 2.0 is IMSE’s online lesson planning and assessment application. Interactive OG 2.0 helps educators immediately apply what they have learned in training to their classrooms. Interactive OG was created to ease the strain of developing daily lesson plans so teachers can spend more time focusing on their students’ needs.

As a teacher, the beginning of a new school year is your chance for a fresh start. IMSE is here to help you prepare your classroom for the upcoming school year. Use these tips and tools to allow yourself to get organized and prepared for your return this fall.


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