“Rather than pay someone else to tutor her, I decided to go to a comprehensive OG training class to learn how to help her myself,” said Guldan, a technical director in news production at WMAR-TV, the ABC affiliate in Baltimore. “I’m hopeful that over the next few years we can … make her feel like a successful reader.”

Guldan took IMSE’s Orton-Gillingham training class in mid-July and said she’s already seeing gains in Rebecca’s attitude toward reading. Rebecca enjoys writing letters in sand and smiles when confirming that an “X” makes a “CKS” sound.

“Through IMSE’s Orton-Gillingham, they give you so many ideas to make it interactive and fun,” Guldan said. “I’m trying to build in those interactive things so it feels less like schoolwork for her.”

Rebecca, who is about to enter eighth grade, previously had a tutor who specialized in OG, but after the tutor moved away, Guldan said she decided to take non-school teaching matters into her own hands.

Guldan, a Salisbury State University graduate, said during the school year, she’ll be using IMSE’s OG approach with Rebecca on weekends and when she has time during the work week.

Guldan is also being extremely patient with her daughter, who she said reads at a first-grade level.

“If she takes time to tap out each sound … she can actually do this,” Guldan said. “It’s a given with her that everything is going to take longer, and it’s going to take more repetitions, but that’s OK. I know she can get there with a program like this.

“I think IMSE’s OG is a great program to use for special-ed programs, beyond kids with dyslexia,” Guldan added. “I think this is a great program for all kids.”

See IMSE’s training schedule and learn more about IMSE’s Orton-Gillingham here.

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