Investing in teachers yields ongoing returns – every year they teach, these teachers bring their success to a new classroom full of children. So get started today on how you can be using this funding for training through IMSE or other eligible teacher training programs for children with dyslexia.


MDE 35d Funding FAQ

What IMSE courses are available with MDE 35d funding?

Both our IMSE Impact Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham+ and Morphology+ trainings are available to teachers being trained through MDE 35d funding.

Can a teacher use MDE 35d funding to be trained in both IMSE courses available?

Yes! If you have a teacher who needs to be trained in both OG+ and Morphology+, you can request that on the survey that will be sent out.

How do I apply for MDE 35d funding to take an IMSE training?

If interested in applying for MDE 35d grant funding, please email to learn more and gain access to our grant interest survey.

When is the deadline to apply for MDE 35d funding?

The application deadline has passed, but we still encourage you to apply! While funding has been distributed, additional funding may become available in the coming months if spots are not utilized.

One grant recipient states, “We utilized grant funding from the state of Michigan through 35d, along with Title IIa and ESSER funding to provide the training and purchase materials.


The training through IMSE has been a game changer. The most common feedback I have heard is that it has been the most useful and in-depth professional learning they have experienced. They are able to take the strategies and learning immediately back to the classroom to implement the Orton-Gillingham approach.”

See How Funding Can Support IMSE Training

IMSE Impact can be integrated with existing programs or stand on its own for those K-2 students “learning to read” as well as Grades 3+ students “reading to learn” across all tiers of intervention. 

Teaching teachers to teach reading more effectively yields immediate returns for schools and districts. Effective instruction means: