The IMSE website was starting to show its age. And it needed more than just a makeover or spa day. It needed a complete physical. We got everything checked out and it turns out, our site needed a second opinion.

So we did just that. 

We talked to you, our teachers. We asked you to go through usability tests, and based on your insights, intuition, and experiences, we were able to make the site much better, faster, and help you achieve your goals and tasks in less time. It’s a win-win all around. 

Here’s some of the changes we made:

Better Training Pages

You told us what information was most important, what was least important, and most importantly, who else needed to see this? It’s easier than ever to register, share, and learn about our training courses.

Get Things Done Faster

You told us you hate to wait for pages to load. You’re in luck. They load twice as fast now, whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

We put the site on a diet

We admittedly had some pages that duplicated efforts. Not any more. We cut out the fat, and slimmed the site down. Now it’s easier to find what you want, and it’s where you expect it to be.

Shopping is a lot better

We had some great items for teachers, districts, and parents, but the organization needed some work. Now there are lots of ways to find what you need, with fewer clicks or taps.

More inclusivity and accessibility

Many of the methods we train teachers in, while they help all children, were originally designed for children with cognitive disorders, like dyslexia. But there are lots of other areas we sought out to improve to make the site accessible to more people.

  1. All colors were checked for color contrast (this helps folks over 40)
  2. We increased the font size
  3. We made sure our colors are easily seen by folks with colorblindness and other visual disabilities
  4. The site can read itself aloud better on browsers like JAWS
  5. We decreased the readability scores across the site
  6. Our photography is more inclusive

Accessibility and inclusivity have been central to IMSE’s mission for over 25 years. We will continue to improve our site to be more accessible to more people. If you have a cognitive, visual, or aural disability that we did not address, please let us know.