Students’ environmental, cultural, and social factors all link back to their literacy development. For these reasons, we feel a profound sense of urgency to help educators become more aware of the Science of Reading and how to use it in the classroom to cultivate strong readers. 

IMSE’s approach to teaching reading is based on the whole child, not just literacy by itself. Students learn at different rates and at different levels which is why allowing for individually differentiated paths to reading proficiency is so important to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn to read. 

We know the consequences of a slow start in reading accumulate exponentially over time. By helping educators move beyond the theoretical “this is how it should be done” to understanding the why behind their literacy lessons, teachers are more empowered to apply their knowledge on day one in their classrooms and make an immediate impact. 

To learn more about how IMSE supports equity in literacy by adapting Orton-Gillingham for the whole classroom, please download our latest brochure IMSE Is So Much More.


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