Some really exciting things are happening over at IMSE! Earlier this year, we launched IMSE Impact, our newly updated approach to our Structured Literacy training. Thank you to all of the educators who have supported us as we roll out all these exciting new programs and products for you and your students. Now, are you ready to take your IMSE Structured Literacy knowledge to the next level? 

Well, look no further! IMSE has released its 15-hour Fidelity Certificate course that takes a deeper look into each IMSE OG strategy. You can now see these strategies implemented with your students in a variety of settings and gain the knowledge needed to implement IMSE OG strategies with fidelity.


What Is the Fidelity Certificate?

The IMSE Fidelity Certificate is a 15-hour asynchronous course provided through an LMS, designed for educators who have taken either the IMSE Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham training or the IMSE Impact Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus training. By going beyond other literacy programs that simply train teachers on how to utilize their specific teaching materials, IMSE empowers teachers with a deeper knowledge of literacy that increases fidelity and consistency in the classroom for better student growth. 

During this course, you will have the opportunity to see IMSE’s OG strategies implemented in a variety of settings through videos. Additionally, this course will provide more in-depth information about helping students with dyslexia.

To complete each module, you must pass a small test to ensure that the knowledge learned is retained. You will be guided to additional resources if you do not receive a passing score. Everyone is permitted two attempts to pass each module’s test. In addition to passing, all modules must be completed in order to receive the IMSE Fidelity Certificate. 

If you choose to participate in the IMSE Fidelity Certificate course, you will have a total of six months from the start of the course to complete it. If you cannot complete the course in six months, a $100/month extension is available.

After completing this post-training course, you will receive a certificate that indicates IMSE has verified you have the knowledge needed to implement IMSE strategies with fidelity. You will also receive 15 hours of professional development and eligibility to apply for 1 hour of graduate credit.


Make Your District Implementation Goals a Reality

If you are a district leader, you can ensure your educators are improving literacy levels school by school and class by class. The IMSE Fidelity Certificate drives higher levels of fidelity for greater consistency by ensuring your educators have the knowledge and tools needed to teach IMSE’s OG strategies. 

This course will support your educators with:

The IMSE Fidelity Certificate enhances your educators’ IMSE Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham or IMSE Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham+ training by bringing your district and schools a new mindset to teaching literacy with fidelity. 

IMSE helps teachers better understand how students learn but also how teachers can continue to learn and grow, including through our IMSE Orton-Gillingham Practicum and our Train the Trainer program, where teachers help enable district-wide advancement. 

Obtaining this certificate will support improving overall reading levels and help eliminate the need for more costly intervention and tutoring for your district down the road. As a district leader, you may choose to accept this course as part of your master inservice plan. 


Obtain Your IMSE Fidelity Certificate

If you choose to obtain your IMSE Fidelity Certificate, you are taking the next step in ensuring you are teaching IMSE OG strategies with fidelity. Parents and districts can be confident that you have the knowledge required to implement IMSE OG with fidelity and to help your students meet their literacy goals.

So, if you are already trained in IMSE’s Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham or IMSE Impact’s Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus methods, consider getting your IMSE Fidelity Certificate today!

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