IMSE instructor, Michele Wenger (upper left)

In September, 58 teachers from Mississippi’s Pontotoc County School District participated in a two-week IMSE training conducted by veteran IMSE instructor, Michele Wenger.

Pontotoc County superintendent, Brock Puckett was already familiar with the power of IMSE’s Orton-Gillingham lesson plans and techniques. Prior to Pontotoc, Puckett served as the superintendent for nearby Lee County schools. “I had conducted two trainings for Lee County previously and he had stated the academic achievement for Lee County had shown a marked increase,” Wenger says.

Pontotoc Curriculum Director, Dr. Loretta Hartfield tells The Journal the District plans to have all K-3rd grade teachers trained in the Orton-Gillingham method and those teachers will be rolling out the instructional techniques in the classroom throughout the rest of the school year.

“…I was extremely impressed with the entire program.  I feel that the dyslexia information is valuable to our teachers, [as well as] the multiple pathways of learning and instruction,” Dr. Hartfield says.

Pontotoc County schools join districts in New Jersey, Ohio and elsewhere that are working with IMSE to comprehensively train K-3 educators in Orton-Gillingham for the general classroom.

To learn more about the power of OG in general education, check out: https://journal.orton-gillingham.com/orton-gillingham-in-the-general-education-classroom/

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