This fun and creative project can be done with your class or school-wide — and we want to help you plan.

1. Pick a theme (Camp Out, Dr. Seuss, favorite authors, space, March Madness, etc.)

2. Decorate your classroom door or bulletin board to fit your theme

3. Schedule themed events that parents can enjoy, too. A few ideas:

• Invite guest readers (parents, role models, local figures, people can even call in!)

• Hold a read-in: students will read all day long (aloud, in partners, silently, etc.)

• Make a reading buddy: students can read to or be read to with buddies in another grade

• Host a book swap

• Write a book review

• Dress like your favorite character in a book

4. Set a group/class reading goal (pages, books, minutes at home, stamina during the day)

5. Choose a chapter book to read aloud to the class (Bonus Tip: Compare a book and movie at the end of the month)


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