It is our goal to make the educator experience as straightforward as possible. IMSE has combined our Padlet, Linktree, and OG Weekly Support emails into one location to make finding IMSE resources easier! IMSE educators and soon-to-be trained educators can now readily access all the tools we offer in one place.


Digital Resources on

IMSE believes that those trained in IMSE’s Comprehensive and Intermediate programs can continue delivering effective instruction now and in the future. However, if you are interested in transitioning to IMSE’s Impact programs we make it easy for you. IMSE has created a lineup of Impact materials to set teachers up for success. Through the IMSE Digital Resources tab, educators can access IMSE Impact materials under the IMSE Impact Alignment category. To access the new Digital Resources, click on the Digital Resources menu at the top of Previously trained teachers must log in to their IMSE account to see all of the Impact Alignment resources. 

All Alignment Materials for the IMSE Impact Launch are in the IMSE Impact Alignment carousel, including updated versions of previously purchased digital slide products. Previously purchased products or resources that used to reside under My Digital Downloads will now be accessed in the ‘In Library’ filter on the left side of the Digital Resources page. 

For educators who have previously taken an IMSE Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham training, the Alignment Guide (in the IMSE Impact Carousel) includes:

For educators who have previously taken an IMSE Intermediate Orton-Gillingham training, the Alignment Guide (in the IMSE Impact Carousel) includes:

IMSE also offers a variety of resources for educators whether they are trained in IMSE’s Orton-Gillingham method or not. Teachers can access these FREE resources under the Digital Resources tab on the website; no IMSE member login is necessary. These free resources vary from blending boards, syllable connection blocks, literacy cutouts, and more, all available immediately for your students and classroom!


OG+ and Morphology+ Support Sites


For previously-trained educators, IMSE’s OG weekly email series is now available by searchable topics on our OG+ Support and Morphology+ Support sites, so educators can access tips and support whenever needed. You can access these support sites through the Digital Resources tab. Just look for the OG+ Support and/or Morpology+ Support sections on the page, depending on the course you’ve completed, to access the support site.



By combining these emails into easily navigable solutions, you will no longer have to sift through emails or wait for a topic to be covered to find in-depth information on:

Be sure to check out all of the amazing resources that have been curated based on feedback from educators like you. For those of you considering IMSE training, now is a great time to check out our training schedule and new tools.


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