The idea of executing on what you have learned in your IMSE Orton-Gillingham training may feel overwhelming, but it will be worth it. You will see your students catch-up, excel, and amaze both you and themselves.  Soon, as has happened to so many of us, a practical OG approach becomes a fundamental tool in your toolbox.

The first step is to assess your students.  If you haven’t done so already, now is the time.  Use the assessment results to differentiate your instruction, and employ creative, multi-sensory teaching.   Assessments will help you document growth.

I’m reaching out to remind you that the effort you put into implementing IMSE’s OG will be worth it. While it will not always be easy, you will get better and better at integrating OG into your lesson planning, and we are here to support you along the way.

I want you to remember to have fun, be creative, model, and encourage your students to be the incredible readers they were meant to be.

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All the best in 2017/2018!

We look forward to hearing about your success.

Jeanne Jeup, Co-Founder, Institute for Multi-Sensory Education


As a member of the 100,000 IMSE team of teachers, together you have created more than 20,000,000 readers – building successful individuals, families, and communities.  Creating a powerful future, one student at a time.

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